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The agriculture and mining sector encompasses a diverse range of activities involving the cultivation of crops, rearing of livestock, and extraction of natural resources like minerals and metals. Silverpine Group has worked with companies operating in this sector for a variety of purposes. Some examples of companies Silverpine Group has worked with include, fruit and vegetable cultivators, nut and orchard farms, forest management companies, mineral rights holding companies, gravel quarries, and wineries.

Agricultural Produce

Agriculture and farming companies engage in the cultivation of crops and the rearing of livestock, providing essential food and raw materials to support the populace. These companies often incorporate modern agricultural techniques and technology, ranging from traditional farming practices to advanced biotechnology and sustainable methods, aiming to optimize productivity, ensure food security, and adapt to environmental and market challenges.

Forestry and Logging

Forestry and logging companies specialize in the management, harvesting, and processing of timber from forests, a critical resource for various industries like construction, paper, and furniture. They focus on sustainable forest management practices to balance commercial timber production with environmental conservation, often involving activities like tree planting, controlled logging, and habitat protection to ensure long-term forest health and productivity.

Mineral Rights Contracts

Mineral rights contracts are legal agreements that grant the holder the authority to extract minerals—such as oil, gas, coal, or precious metals—from a piece of land. These contracts typically detail the rights and obligations of both the landowner and the entity leasing the mineral rights, including aspects like royalties, duration of the lease, extraction methods, and environmental impact considerations.

Mining and Quarries

Mining and quarrying companies are involved in the extraction of natural resources such as minerals, metals, stone, and aggregates from the earth. These companies use various techniques, including drilling, blasting, and excavation, focusing on efficient resource extraction while often facing challenges related to environmental impact, regulatory compliance, and worker safety.


Wineries oversee the process from grape cultivation and harvesting to fermentation, aging, and bottling. These companies blend art and science to create diverse wine styles, focusing on quality, flavor profile, and terroir expression, while often engaging in viticulture research, sustainable practices, and wine tourism to enhance their brand and market presence. Often, these companies have vast land holdings that must be considered in the valuation process.

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