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Few professionals are experienced when assessing the value of intangible assets and fewer still are qualified to calculate damages relating to intangible assets. Let Silverpine Group be your source for professional measurement of intangible asset damages.

When discussing lost profits and damages in the context of intangible assets and patents, the valuation becomes more complex due to the unique nature of these assets. Intangible assets, such as patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and copyrights, are often key drivers of a company's value and competitive advantage. Valuing them requires specialized knowledge since they do not have a physical presence and their value is tied to their potential to generate future income or cost savings.

Patents: In cases of patent infringement, damages are often calculated based on lost profits or a reasonable royalty. Lost profits may be determined by estimating the revenue the patent holder would have earned if the infringement had not occurred, minus the costs they would have incurred in earning that revenue. Patents grant their holders exclusive rights to use and commercialize their inventions. Infringement can lead to lost market exclusivity, necessitating an analysis of lost sales, price erosion (if the patent holder had to lower prices due to infringement), and lost opportunities for licensing or cross-licensing arrangements. Silverpine Group’s staff includes Certified Patent Valuation Analysts (CPVA) that specialize in the commercial damages of patents who can assist counsel in navigating the complexities of patent valuation in the context of litigation dispute resolution.

Trade Secrets and Trademarks: Patents are not the only area of specialty that Silverpine Group offers.  Trade secrets damages might include the cost of developing the information, the value of the competitive advantage lost, and any unjust enrichment gained by the infringer. On the other hand, trademark infringement damages could involve lost profits, corrective advertising costs, and damage to brand reputation. In assessing damages for intangible assets, it's important to consider other factors that could have contributed to the loss, such as market conditions, competitive actions, and overall economic trends.

Silverpine Group not only provides exhaustive analysis in determining damages but provides consulting and testifying expert services to argue and support our computations throughout the nuanced process of calculating economic damages relating to intangible assets.

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