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Silverpine Group is experienced in performing independent reviews of shareholder dispute and oppression matters.

Business valuation firms play a significant role in resolving shareholder disputes and addressing issues of shareholder oppression. These disputes often arise in closely held or family businesses, where disagreements occur over the value of shares, dividend policies, or management decisions. While some matters are resolved by an independent business valuation, sometimes more granular assessments are necessary.

Silverpine Group has valued hundreds of individual securities, often structured with lack of control or marketability elements. In cases of shareholder oppression, minority shareholders might be unfairly disadvantaged, and the valuation needs to reflect any lack of control or marketability associated with such shares. Sometimes, shareholder disputes require expert testimony or economic damage reviews. In other instances, development of a fairness opinion or the review of a buy-sell agreement may be necessary. Regardless, shareholder disputes are typically complex and require an independent review of all of the facts and circumstances relating to the disagreement or oppressions matter. Silverpine Group is experienced in providing independent business valuations, forensic accounting, expert testimony, economic damage assessments, and other related services to help navigate shareholder oppression and dispute situations.

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