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Silverpine Group can provide consulting and testifying expert services relating to business damages and lost profits analyses.

In cases involving business disputes, such as breach of contract or tort claims, the primary objective is to quantify the economic loss suffered by a business. Silverpine Group can assist counsel in accurately assessing these damages. The process of determining the value of lost business opportunities, decreased revenue, increased costs, or diminished business value due to the harmful action is essential for supporting a suit arguing damages.

Alternatively, when a business claims lost profits due to another party's wrongful actions, the valuator is required to use various methodologies to estimate what the business would have earned in the absence of those actions. Silverpine Group provides lost profits analysis by forecasting revenues, expenses, and net profits based on historical performance, market trends, and other relevant factors.

The hired expert must not only be aware of the valuation processes in calculating business damages and lost profits, but also the jurisdictional and regulatory framework that governs how these damages can be calculated and presented. Whether you are an attorney seeking a qualified expert or a business owner weighing options, reach out to us at Silverpine Group and we can discuss your situation.

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