Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)

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Silverpine Group provides support to ESOP trustees by assisting with ESOP feasibility, annual ESOP valuations, Department of Labor audit responses, and fairness opinions.

Silverpine Group’s services encompass yearly appraisals for ESOP trustees, alongside providing fairness opinions and a range of other valuation services to ESOP companies and financial institutions. By continually providing corporate planning and restructuring services, along with valuations that satisfy fair value accounting requirements, we are able to enhance our capabilities to better server our ESOP clients beyond those of other providers in the valuation industry.

As with any valuation performed by Silverpine Group, we consider all appropriate valuation methodologies in addition to important factors unique to ESOP valuations. We take care in accounting for important issues such as forward-looking estimates, the repurchase obligation, and applicable adjustments to financial statements, all of which may materially impact the ESOP valuation.

Our firm specializes in ESOP valuations that assist both ESOP trustees and plan assessors including:

  • ESOP Feasibility Studies and Preliminary Valuations
  • Annual ESOP Valuations
  • Fairness Opinions Relating to ESOPs
  • ESOP Valuation Reviews

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