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Having performed over 100 purchase price allocations, Silverpine Group is an expert when it comes to business combinations.

The primary purpose of ASC 805 is to establish the accounting and reporting rules for transactions in which one entity acquires another entity or when two or more entities combine to form a single reporting entity. Whether your team is undergoing a stock/asset deal or combining with another firm in a merger, Silverpine Group can assist in the recognition and measurement of assets and liabilities consistent with the fair value requirements of ASC 805.

Some of the most complex issues in fair value accounting arise out of business combinations and the measurement of intangible assets, whether acquired or developed in-house, require sophisticated methods for valuation. Silverpine Group can perform the purchase price allocation or assist with the opening balance sheet disclosure so that your acquisition is properly recorded, supported, and reported. Each acquisition is different and requires a thorough examination of synergies, acquired assets, and assumed liabilities. Therefore, while our list of experience is not exhaustive, we have performed valuations for fair value reporting related to:

  • Purchase Price Allocations (PPA)
  • Asset Purchases
  • Stock Purchases
  • Bargain Purchases
  • Acquisition of Product/Service Lines
  • Acquisition of Individual Intangible Assets
  • Purchases of Non-Controlling Interests
  • Acquisition of Technology
  • Acquisition of Pharmaceutical or Medical Device R&D
  • Acquisition of Marketing Assets (Trademarks/Tradenames)
  • Frachise Agreement Acquisitions
  • Customer List / Relationship Acquisitions
  • Measurement of Goodwill

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