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Engagement Process

Whether through referral or introduction elsewhere, SPG aims to understand your needs as it pertains to valuation. We begin by discussing the reason for the valuation of your business, business interest, intangible asset, or other subject interest and explain how our services will provide you with a product that fits your needs. Once we have scoped the assignment appropriately, we will be able to assess how to structure the analysis and narrative of the report we produce to support our findings. Each valuation assignment is unique and requires specialized considerations, meaning that the fees and timing of delivery will be reflective of the work performed and customized to your situation.

Once we have created an engagement letter, you (and your counsel) will review it and return to us with any questions or comments you may have. Thereafter, we will execute the engagement letter and request information that will concurrently be provided through an information request schedule. We typically require financial statements, projections, and as much information as you can provide about the subject of the valuation analysis as it assists us with creating a defensible analysis and supportable report.

Valuation Analysis

Each valuation requires us to consider the three valuation approaches mandated by all professional organizations that write standards and guidance for the valuation industry. These approaches are the Income, Market, and Asset Approaches. While each valuation may render some of these approaches more or less appropriate, we review the valuation process from multiple angles to ensure that our analysis is robust. In this process, we may request interviews or additional information to ensure we are able to build a thorough analysis. Regardless of what information is required, we will ensure that you are kept apprised of the process and the status of the valuation.

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Once we have developed the preliminary analysis, we will send your our preliminary findings (either through a call or email depending on your needs). We are always available to walk you through the analysis and answer any questions you may have. Once you have reviewed the results and provided any comments, we will then draft the narrative to support our analysis. The length of the document and detail included depend on your needs and the scope of the engagement, but all valuation letters and reports issued by SPG follow the standards of USPAP, the ASA, and NACVA. Once you have reviewed the narrative with supporting exhibits, we will make any final changes you have and issue the final report.

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