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Debt instruments and derivatives require sophisticated techniques when measuring their fair value for financial reporting purposes. Let Silverpine Group leverage our expertise in helping you.

Fair value is described in ASC 820 and is an overarching section of the accounting standards that covers the proper measurement of various assets, liabilities, and securities. Special techniques are often required when assessing the fair value of debt. Often, the features and convertibility of debt instruments require a bifurcated analysis that should only be performed by those with training and experience. Silverpine Group not only has the expertise in valuing debt securities, but we use appropriate databases to gather market data that is crucial to comparative analysis used in the analytical process.

Building from our experience in valuing debt securities, we also have the knowledge and capability to value individual derivative securities. Through the guidance of FASB ASC 815 and ASC 820, Silverpine Group is able to review and measure the fair value of futures contracts, options contracts, warrants, interest rate swaps, currency swaps, credit default swaps (CDS), and more. As some derivatives can become incredibly sophisticated in nature, we recommend reaching out to us so that we can understand the derivatives requiring valuation.

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